Subjects & Classes

Private Instruction:
  For private instruction I offer lessons either at my home or yours.
  1 hr lessons: $35 
  multi-hour lessons: negotiable.
I prefer at least a full hour lesson as this allows for enough time to review material from past lessons and introduce new materials, however if there is an issue with payment I am open the barter system.

For Any Instrument/Voice
-Music theory & aural skills (basic-advanced)
-Composition & arranging ( in various styles)
-Improvisation (in various styles)
-Extended techniques and Avant-Garde/atonal improvisation 

For specific Instruments:
-Jazz Piano fundamentals for non-pianists
-Percussion (west african, frame drums, afro-cuban & afro-carribean, udu, basic drum set, basic tabla)
-Electric Bass

Group Instruction:
  If you are interested in having a group lesson or class please contact me with the details of what you are interested in, and how many people would be taking the class 
   Rates for groups are negotiable

Group classes could cover subjects such as:
-Music theory & aural skills
-intro to Latin jazz, afro-carribean rhythms & styles, and brazilian music
-intro to west african instruments and music 
-basics of jazz improvisation
-composition & arrangning
-ensemble playing (dynamics, timbral considerations, etc)
-Sound awareness meditation/"deep listening"
-if there is a topic you are interested in that is not listed I may be able to teach a class, or direct you to someone who can!

Other Services:

-Band Consultation:  If your band or ensemble is interested in improving any aspect of your sound I am available to sit in on a rehearsal and critique/provide help with composition, arranging, stylistic considerations, and performance skills.  

$35/per hour

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