Teaching Philosophy

My Teaching Philosophy:

    I think a great teacher is someone who listens to, and respects his or her students and is willing and able to help a student achieve his or her goals. I also think it's very important for a teacher to understand that students will be talented in different areas of their musical study and while one thing may be easy for them, another seemingly similar task may prove very challenging. As a student I have experienced both getting things really quickly and excelling, as well as struggling to keep up with my peers and learning to overcome self-doubt. 
    I firmly believe that everyone has the capacity to be a great musician, and that it doesn't matter how old you are when you get started. what does matter is patience, effort, and belief in one's self. the rest is just a matter of collecting the knowledge and skills needed to perform and compose at a professional level.
   As a teacher I am interested in sharing my knowledge and helping students learn whatever it is they are interested in in the most effective and straightforward manner possible.
I strive to make musical concepts and theory as practical, stress-free, and comprehensible as possible, so that students can approach advanced theory and aural skills without fear or confusion.
    I come from a jazz background so much of my teaching is geared towards a more jazz based aesthetic, but I also have lots of experience playing in various popular styles such as Rock, Funk, Hip Hop, Fusion, Salsa, Pop, Prog. rock/metal, and country/Western swing. I also have experience with "Classical" composition, avant grade/free jazz, and atonal music.  my main focus with percussion are various world musics, both folkloric and classical.
    I find that there are some basic theoretical concepts and skills that are applicable to all types of music on many instruments and that many of the things I have learned in the context of jazz and classical/western art music are applicable in all tonal music. there are also many rhythmic concepts that come from various drumming traditions that are applicable to all instruments and genres.

   Please take a look at the subjects I teach and feel free to email me for more information.

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